Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not Worth A Chunni !

Many readers would be wondering what a chunni is the explanation. Well, for all others who wouldn't bother ......pop goes the weasel.....
This blog unfortunately wouldn't be about me bickering about my PS-1 station ( for all those who are in the dark about the same: refer to pandey's interpretation , for the lazy ones: one of the great facilities offered by my even greater institute that shuttles it up the rankings inspite of nitwits like myself constituting its student population.). Actually, I have nothing to brag about....CIRT, pune, where it is heard they make you stand in the middle of the road and stare at the vehicles passing by. Nice passtime for a 3-year old kid (which qualifies it for me too), but my parents expect more. Pat comes the reply: "If you really do not appreciate this decision, then you should have studied and attempted for BARC". No, I DIDN'T; I REGRET, I ACCEPT. I regret not studying, I accept my station with renewed appreciation( its actually a nice place). And hence no post.
What I really wanted to write about is the significance of OOP concepts in the competitive life. Let me first enlist the main concepts:
1. Modularity
2. Encapsulation
3. Polymorphism
4. Inheritance
Now, lets deal with each concept individually:
Modularity: Something every successful person boasts of; one of the main indications of hard work and meticulous planning,
Encapsulation: Packaging oneself; abstracting the better points and concealing the not-so-good ones in a deft manner,
Polymorphism: Being a different person for every other individual; maintaining a log of each of your personalities and the level of truth in each. Differential approach adopted. As they say,"trust absolutely no one......and if needed, doubt even oneself"....just an overview of the same,
Inheritance: The continuous unconcious effort to emulate and follow another person. In the process, one tends to have properties of different role models. Successful individuals tend to inherit better traits. Identification and classification is the key.
Uncle Murphy just whispered into my ear.....oh yes......he was right all the while.....he always was.......
"Self-discovery is the worst form of aggression" .........and I am indulging and sinking into the same.


LoneRanger said...

OOP rocks! and you need not have been so textbook like :-).. And i think polymorphism is inevitable( or we would have been on first name terms with our instructors-in-charge).. but is it because we dont trust anyone? or it is just to let a world of 6 billion people function?

rishabh said...

Apparently from what i have heard, one of my civil courses also involves standing on the pilani bus stand and admire vehicles pass by

bin-it said...

Thats done !! beware rishabh...i am on my way to be a pukka civil GOD....hi ha ha.....

Anonymous said...

a reader of my "outlet" no-holds barred blog-chunnichakra. this has to be a good day.