Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Great CompSci-ites

The first entry would be a surprise to some, but is necessary to maintain the sanctity of the post

5. AMEY PARULEKAR : A EEEite by discipline, he is paralelled, probably only by Soumyadeep, in his knowledge regarding computers. Having made this comparision, it would be wrong ( ethically ) yet necessary to mention that Amey and Soumyadeep share a lot in common, although they are completely distinct at a superficial level. Very open in his views and takes criticisms in a healthy manner ( at least with me ). Has yet to rediscover his potential and be more satisfied with his own achievements. One of the very few individuals I have and will ( hopefully ) always admire and respect. Always looking forward to learn more from you, Amey !

6. VINEET KESHARI : A kul dood by profession, he is one of the two individuals I was in constant contact with ( no pervert connotations, please ! ) in 1-1, leaving alone my wing members. Weren't at good terms after certain incidents, but made up in the summer holidays :P. I am a great fan of his blog and am seriously impressed by his, I don't think I am. But, I still believe he has the potential to make it great and this is a very honest opinion.

7.VINEET PANDEY : Uncanny sense of fashion ( mine is still worse ). But that is totally irrelevant, for this guy knows what to do and when. Cannot say the same about the way he goes about doing it, but once that is taken care of, there is absolutely no stopping him. Pretty impulsive in response, but what many may not realise, is the heavy amount of processing that goes on in his brain before reacting. I just wish he would stick to what he loves and excel in it. Some distractions have shown to help him ( invoking Lucy ), while others haven't. The best thing about him is that he is always ready to learn and ego does not hinder this process.......a case with many others.

8. ADITH SWAMINATHAN : It was imperative for me to include this great individual. Most of you reading my blog may not know him, but simply clicking on the link or google-searching this name may provide enough information. A true genius and I mean it. Owing to my humongous ego, I rarely accept anybody to have a higher IQ than me ( mind y'all, IQ differs from knowledge ), but this guy has proved himself to be an exception. Adept at lying and very very good at it. Every facet about his personality is overwhelming. Maybe lookwise : NO, but talent-wise : YES, VERY YES. Other names to be given special mention in his context are NIKHIL HOODA ( appreciate him for his sheer honesty, truthfulness and intelligence ), KARTHIK RAMAN ( sad homepage but check out the CV...hilarious ), ASHWIN K.P. (he took a transfer to CSE in IITB, what more can I say......awesome brain power...and even better PJs) ( can't get his link, if anyone by any chance does get it, do check out his C.V. too )

9. GAURAV BHATELE : Ex-CompSci-ite, now will be doing mechanical in IITK most probably ( transfer, phew ! ). But as they say, "Once a BITSian, always a BITSian". Did, once in the last semester express his regret at leaving BITS-Pilani, but has now supposedly revised his opinion :P. But, while he was here, he truly was a sensation. He worked with me on AUXEL, and thats when we actually bonded. As he confesses, it is difficult for him to make mistakes and truly so. No matter what, he is surely making it big. Maybe not anymore as a CompSci-ite, but surely as an automobile engineer.

10.SWAPNIL GHIKE : I am surely getting at least one comment. Yes, here is one individual, our very own transfer material, who prides himself about knowing about everything. Following appropriately on the footsteps of his mentor, Rajat Bansal, he would surely taste success. Pairs up perfectly with his pals, Subhodip Ghosh and Rajat Tibrewal, who at their own capacities, deserve special mention. Especially Subhodip for his honesty, hardwork and zeal regarding his interests.( @ Subhodip : personal advice-> do be aware of who you are and what you are becoming, so that you do not regret not realising it earlier ). Can talk a lot more about Swapnil as much as he can talk about me :).
There are many other names I would like to mention, but can't as :
1. I am too bored with this topic, and so are you
2. Don't respect them as much, although I know they might outrun me ( literally, obviously )
3. Have to get ready to go for a movie


vineet pandey said...

Man you gotta be vetti

bin-it said...

you have absolutely no idea.....

Karthik Ramgopal said...

nice intro to the illustrious compsci-ites of the 2006 batch