Thursday, March 20, 2008

The 'but' shower??

Yes, I do feel extremely belittled when i am blogging in the presence of stalwarts like amey parulekar, soumyadeep ghosh, rachit chandra, vineet pandey......and the like.Well, that would surely be a lame reason.....but probably, the correct reason why i abandoned blogosphere in the first place. But now, having mustered up some courage, i write again........and yes, that means pandey will have to lift the [dead] tag off my link.
But then, what many people have made of this tool called blogging, exasperates me. This question has arisen time and again.....what do we blog for? who do we blog for?...i have a clear cut objective in mind, but whats yours?.....if it is for oneself, then why not just maintain a diary....or never know, you might actually be denying another eager fellow from using your fundoo link name.....not every one can come up with eye-catching page titles (well, that was one of the more flimsy arguments i would give to dissuade people from doing so)....and if that is not the case, then it would mean that one blogs for people to read and appreciate their thoughts.......and probably initiate a fruitful discussion hence. But, i do not see many people doing that either.......Maybe..............for future reference, as in, one would surely like to look back upon his/her past....and then realise how stupid he/she was, in doing certain things, or thinking in a particular way. Yeah, that makes some minute sense to me.....but i would rather that such things are kept only within my circle of of close friends.....and this brings us to the first possible reason i cited.........circular logic, huh!


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@vineet : thank you vaary much saar! me are honoured